Best Cooling Pillow – Review And Expert Buyers Guide

After all day hard work, the perfect resting place is certainly some best cooling pillow. However, all pillows are not created equal. Are you waking up unrested and sweaty, getting hot at night? It happens due to some pillows store heat as well as stifle airflow. It leads you tossing and turning. Moreover, if you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, this difficulty may even worsen.

An interview or a meeting in the morning become stressful if you cannot get sound sleep at night.

These problems can solve using cooling pillows. The comfortable sleep you deserve these cooling pillows will provide you.You can wake up more refreshed and ready for another day if you experience a well-rested, supportive sleep of the night. Cooling pillows come in various models, covers with different materials and specific designs. The main challenge is to discover to know the best for you. There are different memory foam pillows. Water inserts pillows for adjust-ability, cooling gel properties pillows, cooling pillows made to support back, side, or stomach sleepers and liquid gel insets to conduct heat away from the pillows surface.Here we put together a complete guide as well as research to show you their differences so that you can choose the best cool pillow for you.

Best Cooling Pillow

ImagesNameItem WeightDimension (in)
Best Cooling Pillow – Review And Expert Buyers Guide 1Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow9.41 pounds17 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches
Technogel Sleeping PillowTechnogel Sleeping Pillow7.01 pounds26 x 16 x 4.5 inches
coop home goods cooling pillowCoop Home Goods Cooling Pillow3.5 pounds30 x 20 x 8 inches
Tri-Core Cervical PillowTri-Core Cervical Pillow1.2 pounds24 x 16 x 3 inches
Xtreme Comforts PillowXtreme Comforts Cooling Pillow2.05 pounds17 x 5.3 x 5.2 inches

These different cooling pillows are ideal for different sleepers. You are welcome to discover the best cooling pillows available in the market. To be honest it’s just a torture trying to fall asleep when you’re overheated. You may naturally feel hot, facing menopause, or staying a room with no air condition. In such cases, night sweat can challenge your sound sleep. In the long run on your health, it can take a serious toll. So, what type of pillows you are using is very important to consider. Our this list will keep you cool even on your hottest nights. Just read and check.

Types Of Best Cooling Pillow

In the market, you will find many kinds of cooling pillow. However, from our point of view, we categorized it mainly 3 types:

  • Temperature regulating pillows
  • Gel cooling pillows
  • Pillows which use airflow to cool the sleeper

If you love to lead economy life temperature regulating pillows can be ideal for you. It will surely keep you simply comfortable at night. Pillow which usually use a gel layer to cool you down is the best according to our editors choice. Do you feel warm when you try to sleep? or do you live in a hot region? Then you are welcome to discover the much more effective pillows to cool your temperature. To be honest they are more expensive. However, for your sound sleep, they are indeed a valuable investment. Memory foam combined with cooling feature ensure the result of ultimate support as well as comfort. You are welcome to discover in this article our editor’s choice of 5 (Five) best cooling pillow.

1. Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow

Luxurious soft feeling, high-quality is the main character of the Bamboo pillow. Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow is a must if you want to avoid every day fluffing your pillow. This pillow in its life never goes flatten. An icy cool feeling of the Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow with extra breathable micro-vented cover as well as the Kool-flow technology will please you so much that you won’t ask about other pillows. Stomach sleepers to all types of sleepers get Orthopedic support as the Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow has a great reputation for providing such option. You can also read out snuggle-pedic body pillow’s specification for your best choice.

Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow has no harmful chemicals. Its soft cooling cushion is known as an eco-friendly pillow. Moreover, the presence of comfortable shredded memory foam will give you a feeling of as if sleeping on the cloud.The perfect thickness of The Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow ensures the shape of the user. You can easily clean the bamboo cover and can make it more durable as it is machine washable. Price? A little bit to be honest. However, if you consider its customer service as well as effectiveness it will be worthy.

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Editors’ Choice

The Snuggle-Pedic cooling pillow is the best cooling pillow on the market. A firm, supportive and thick is its shredded memory foams main character. Moreover, the best option for this pillow is customizable. Not feeling happy with any element? You can easily return it to the manufacturers. They will sincerely resize it according to your desire with no cost.

The Snuggle-Pedic Cooling Pillow is designed classically to suit everyone. It is also ideal for anyone who needs extra support or pregnant ladies as it is customizable as well as moldable. The pillow lets you would into the right shape as it is a little bit heavier than other pillows. Rather than a solid, large block, it is filled with shredded memory foam. It ensures the filling is movable.

Besides, it allows you to create the most supportive as well as comfortable pillow according to your needs. Some other advantages are also offered by this shredded memory foam. It naturally keeps you cool all the night as it fully allows air to move through the pillow. You don’t need to flip the pillow over to the ‘cool side’. It always checks as a guard to keep constant comfortable temperature.

On the pillow, you can put an external pillowcase. However, this may bring a little bit impact on the cooling effect of the pillow. If you are over sensitive to a slight change of temperature you can be well aware of. The pillow when shipping uses tiny package. Just take a dryer and create a quick spin. It will take around 20 minutes to its full volume to plump it up.

It usually never loses its volume or shape. If accidentally it happens a simple dryer with some minutes can return the previous size easily.The pillow is completely free of bacteria and bad smells as it is entirely machine washable. Moreover, it is ideal for anyone suffering allergies as the pillow is hypoallergenic.A very slight smell may feel you uneasy when the pillow first arrive. A pillowcase can solve it quickly.

Another great option is before first use just leave it out to air for some hours. The manufacturers let you customize it two times with free of cost. So you can expect your very own, unique pillow.

What we like
  • Shredded memory foam allows free air circulation
  • Shape/volume remain intact
  • Easy machine washable
  • Customizable and adjustable according to clients
What we didn't liked
  • External pillowcase may slightly limit the cooling
  • Heavier than normal pillows

2. Xtreme Comforts Cooling Pillow

The Xtreme Comforts Cooling Pillow always maintain quality. it is one of the best cooling pillow in the market. They give first priority to clients health and safety. The CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam they feature. The company ensures all the production standards like emissions, harmful chemical free materials, and durability.

Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The pillow also offers some impressive option like dust-mite resistant, hypoallergenic as well as machine-washable. The manufacturer also clearly ensure the Xtreme Comforts Cooling Pillow has no mercury, formaldehyde, PBDEs, lead, TDCPP, flame retardants, ozone depleters and heavy metals. This pillow offers a sound, safe, healthy sleep. It is also ideal for children or pregnant woman. The Xtreme Comforts Cooling Pillow provides a pleasing cooling effect and pain relief service. The pillow in any situation will support your head shape, size, and position. Moreover, a 30-day money back guarantees and a 6-year warranty will give you a complete relax.

The Xtreme Comforts Cooling Pillow is very comfortable as well as pleasant to use. You can use dryer whenever you want to give it a new life as it is a shredded memory foam pillow. Even manually you can do it. Thus you can increase its lifetime and support for years. The pillow will let you reshape for your best comfort and position as it is flexible and versatile. All sleepers can use it freely. However, stomach sleepers can find it a little bit high.

The Xtreme Comforts Cooling Pillow is neither very hard nor very soft. Rather it maintains a proper in between balance. This pillow is comfortable not only for memory foam. Its all materials are carefully selected to ensure the best quality. The bamboo contains fabric cover is an added good sign which keeps the pillow soft, fresh and breathable. It is a hypoallergenic pillow. A great news for all allergy sufferers.

One thing keeps in mind the pillow didn’t use any gel layer. Still, the airflow will give you a pleasing cool experience. You will get a sound, comfortable, deep all night restful sleep.

What we like
  • Using a dryer can return its previous size easily
  • Adjustable according to its users
  • Well supportive
  • Customizable and adjustable according to clients
What we didn't liked
  • No specific cooling feature
  • Usefulness of a Cooling Pillow
  • Sleep in Soothing Coolness

3. Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillow

The best attraction of the Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillow is a quite affordable price. Besides, they never compromise on quality. The bamboo cover feels very soft. The pillow designed in such a way to control your temperature while you sleep. Breathable fine shredded memory foam you will find inside. Still, the pillow is very soft as well as supportive for most sleepers.

Best Cooling Pillow – Review And Expert Buyers Guide 2

The pillow is adjustable too. No worry for flatness. Just in a dryer throw it for 10 minutes. It will be fluffy and nice again. Moreover, the pillow is hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified. So, it is free from other allergies and dust mites resistant. The Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillow knew as a plumper pillow with good buoyancy. It is ideal for side sleepers.

The memory foam in the Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillow is shredded into smaller sized pieces. Thus it becomes a versatile product.You are allowed to reshape the pillow to a comfortable shape. It will fulfill your needs as well as the sleeping pattern. The drawbacks are after a few nights some of the foam compresses to form larger, more solid chunks.

However, a quick spin using a dryer can solve the issue.The Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillow doesn’t retain as much heat as traditional pillows. The airflow through the filling ensures the coolness.

The Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillows are machine washable. Besides, the bamboo cover can wash separately. The pillow might have a strong smell when first open. Just put it in a dryer or leave it out to air for few hours. The smell will almost vanish very soon.

What we like
  • You can resize it according to your need
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy machine washable and cover can wash separately
  • A five-year warranty
What we didn't liked
  • Strong unpleasant smell from the beginning
  • The pillow with Shredded memory foam can sometimes clump together to form lumps

4. Technogel Sleeping Pillow

One of the best cooling gel pillows that money can buy is The Technogel Sleeping Pillow. The price may make you hesitate. But if you consider the cooling effect as well as the support you can feel relief that your money will not go in vain. One should keep in mind firstly for small-framed people with narrow shoulders this pillow is mainly designed.

The pillow won’t support enough if you are well-built or broad. It will be too thin for you. Still, if you ever try you can benefit from one of the most comfortable cooling pillows if you can find the pillow support your neck at the right angle. It may take some time to be used to with the pillow as it may seem too unusual cool feeling from the very beginning. Over a base of memory foam, the pillow works by layering cooling gel. It means you will never miss the firm memory foam underlying support as the top will always remain cool and soft.A series of tunnels as well as holes is another character of the pillow. It promotes smooth airflow. Thus for the longest time, it keeps the pillow cooler.

The pillow will feel cold when you experience it the first time. However, very soon it will be adjusted to your body temperature. A pleasing additional surprise of this pillow is a soft cover which is undoubtedly nice. During winter it controls the cold temperature. Thus it makes the pillow more comfortable and cozy. It’s not mandatory to use the cover. If all the year round you get the warm weather you won’t need it.Besides, don’t forget to use an external pillowcase for the pillows long life.

Interestingly foam, as well as the gel combo, is very comfortable. It just gives the appropriate balance between support and softness. Besides such combination never let deteriorating support or cooling effects with time. The Technogel Sleeping Pillow is an excellent pillow if you are desperately looking for something very effective cool, supportive as well as comfortable. Expensive? Yes. But price can never compromise with your invaluable sound sleep.

What we like
  • Very cool due to presence of gel
  • Memory foam and gel combination ensure support and comfort
  • Removable cover for winter
What we didn't liked
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for big shoulder or well-built people

5. Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Another ideal pillow for your sound sleep is the Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow. The memory foam is CertiPur-US certified, no harmful materials, hypoallergenic, dust-mites and mildew resistant.The pillow will perfectly contour to your head, neck and sleeping position. Comfort as well as relief pain you can get from this pillow. You can easily maintain this pillow.

Whenever you feel to wash it just remove the bamboo cover and use the washing machine. Besides with a bit of soap as well as warm water you can spot-clean the pillow. Another impressive option of the Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow is a straight 30-day 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. So, your purchase is risk-free.

The Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow ensures a cool, sound, comfortable night’s sleep. It features a layer of cooling gel over a durable, supportive base. You can consider it as the best budget-friendly cool gel pillow.

At first, you have to adjust a strong smell for a few days when start using the Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow. It is neither too firm nor too soft. Side sleepers will find it most comfortable but it is not for stomach sleepers. You will experience a comfortable cooling effect. Heat usually resist by a gel. Air circulation promotes the unique design. You will feel fresh as well as cool all the night.

One noticeable downside of the pillow is washing is not very easy. You need a damp cloth to wipe clean. However, you can put the snug-fitting cover in the washing machine. The cover of the pillow does provide comfort as well as extra softness. Use a traditional pillow case as it is made of a soft mesh. Cotton is better than polyester as it will increase fresh and cool feeling. This Equinox pillow is excellent for an economy budget.

What we like
  • Memory foam of this pillow let molds to each person’s body
  • Provide perfect balance between firm and soft
  • Inexpensive
  • All night gives a cooling sensation as layer gel and internal design certain it
What we didn't liked
  • At first very strong unpleasant smell
  • Not machine washable pillow

A well selected cooling pillow offer you a long time coolness. Besides, it resists heat and sweat to give you a sound night happier sleep.

Natural and Fast Pleasing Sleep: Warm weather means endless tossing as well as turning. A cool pillow will be your night friend. It will lull the body, make it calm and sleep will come very soon.

Ideal for your sleeping position: Cool pillow follows the mood you don’t need to follow it at all. It fit ideally for the head as well as neck. Last night it won’t shrink and always maintain your body position a comfortable height. It will increase your sleeping pleasure.

Head Support and Comfort: Cooling pillows provide ultimate comfort and support to give you more relaxed sleep. They prevent head built up and ensure an uninterrupted sleep. A perfect sleeping pillow means your healthy, happy life.

Prevent Metabolic and Insomnia Diseases: A cooling pillow will bring sound, restful all night sleep. Gradually insomnia, metabolic diseases will say you goodbye and you will feel younger.

Points to Consider Before Buy/Choose

We hope you already have your own ideas of our above top-rated sleeping pillows. You may make your decision. Here we present some key points for your wise, important buying.

Cooling Pillows Ability of Coolness: How much heat will resist or bring coolness solely depends on pillow covers and materials? It’s better to know all the details before taking a final decision.

Inside materials of The Pillow: You know, cooling gel fiber and high-quality foam combination used to make cooling pillows. Memory foam pillow is ideal for people who like firmness. Again, the gel fiber usually makes the pillow more breathable. Besides, it provides your desired coolness during sleep time. So, carefully check the materials according to your need to buy a cooling pillow.

Size as well as Elasticity: You should give importance on pillow size as your proper sleeping position depends on it. Your standard size would be the measurement that fits your head and neck. In this article, we provide different sizes for your better choice. Just check the return time of the pillows bounce back to its original size. The faster time, the better sleeping pillow.

Warranty and Lifetime: Before buy compare all the warranty time of the pillows.

The Ratio of Price & Quality: To stay within your budget don’t forget to check the price with the quality of the cooling pillows.

Benefits of Owning A Cooling Pillow

The comfort of perfect coolness: On the market, there are so many pillows available. They claim to give maximum comfort. However, a cooling pillow is simply well ahead one step forward. They ensure a more relaxing sleep as well as ultimate comfort you deserve. How they do it? They just simply keep you pleasing cool all the night, prevent any heat-build up the moment and make sure your complete sound, restful sleep till morning.

Money Saver: Just imagine the overnight using of the air conditioner and finally, chances are you will face some nightmare big electricity bills! When you will start to use a cooling pillow instead of that magically a noticeable amount of money will be saved. Moreover, you will save the environment too.

Freedom of variation: You know the present popular market trend is the cooling pillow. Naturally, they come in all sizes as well as so many eye-catching designs. So, you can enjoy many options to choose. Made with memory foam, hypoallergenic, gel-based, classic or gusseted whatever you like you can easily find them.

A Cooling Pillow Who Should Buy?

If you facing often during the night to wake up feeling disturbed as well as hot, try to find the cooler side of your pillow or go for water to drink- a perfect cooling pillow can reduce your such sufferings a lot.

You will pleasingly eventually find a more uninterrupted, sound, restful night’s sleep after discovering the breath-ability as well as the cooling effect of these cooling pillows.

During the uneasy summer months with long nights for all hot sleepers, they can be used just as a blessing. Moreover good news for people who lives in a hot and humid climate. Recently American Sleep Academy conduct an interesting research. They found insomnia can be deadly for health and cooling down the prefrontal cortex can reduce it a lot.

As you know prefrontal cortex is the vital brain area which stays just behind the forehead. If you suffering for a long time this common sleep deprivation, you can give a try with a carefully selected cooling pillow from Amazon. It can give you a complete desired sound sleep with pleasing cool effect.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) For Better Understanding

Definition of a Cooling Pillow

A particular pillow which is solely designed to keep you cool at whole night known as a cooling pillow. All types of cooling pillow mainly use three categories of materials to make cooling pillows. Cooling gel layers, natural heat resistance process and advanced airflow techniques.

Sometimes even all these three use as combined. Their main focus to fight together against heat with the unique design to lower or even regulate your temperature of the body. Regular pillows usually retain heat as they do not provide any cooling option. During night such pillows make you uneasy hot. You may desperately search cool side of the pillow while tossing, turning and suffer broken sleep.

So, a perfect pillow that is intelligently designed to keep you cool will ensure your complete sound as well as restful full night sleep. Usually, most incorporate memory foams focused on best comfort as well as give ideal support position.

What is the best way to care a cool pillow?

Unlike traditional ones cool pillows are different. You need special care for durability as it is cooling gel fiber. Every cooling pillow included a perfect care guide.However here we are sharing some tips for you.

The cooling pillows covers are usually very soft and sensitive. So, handle it with care. If it is removable just do it. Clean softly and hair off the surface gently. If you properly follow the instruction you can easily wash it in the washing machine.Vacuum cleaning is another good option to clean the surface. Do not forget to dry it as a must in a well-ventilated area.It will help you a lot to remove any unpleasant odor. Additionally, use baking soda if you still face any odor.

We suggest always use a mild cleaner for spot cleaning.In order to wash a pillow follow the same steps.

Do cooling pillows really work?

Seeing is believing. So does for cooling pillows. Unless you use it patiently you won’t find the sharp difference with ordinary pillows.

First time when you start to use a cooling pillow it may seem not effective as you won’t get instant coolness. But if you think temperature regulating system and its airflow you will feel the difference gradually. In fact, it’s a gentle process.

After sometime slowly but steadily the pillow will minimize heat build up in your body and regulates temperature. You will feel a cooling touch.

Is cooling pillow safe for all?

Nowadays eco-friendly, nature-conscious people giving more priority to natural products as they are free of skin related problems.

Usually, people sleep 7 to 8 hours at night. So, a safe pillow is essential. Cooling pillow with popular brands is completely safe for your health of the skin. They are harmful chemical free too. Just check the level of the renowned manufacturer label before buy. Then start using without any concern.

Which design of cooling pillow should I use?

After all, day long, tiring hard work you need a complete restful sleep. To ensure your best sleep it is essential to choose a cooling pillow for your unique style of sleeping. On the market, you will get many impressive pillows. But if it does not serve you according to your need, your sleep will be disturbed.Here are some tips for you. Firstly, if you are a back or stomach sleeper a better choice will be a thinner, soft to the medium-firm model cooling pillow.

Are you a side sleeper? Higher, extra firm pillows are usually can be ideal for you. This type of pillow will provide better support for your neck.Besides, side as well as back sleepers who usually suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, have different options.

They can choose various contoured cooling pillows. These pillows have a scientific curved design. Thus they easily adapt to your head, neck as well as shoulders. This way they will help you a lot to maintain a good spinal posture. Moreover, at the same time, they will keep you cool.

Final Verdicts

A perfect cooling pillow means your all night sound sleep, restful time, better health for better tomorrow. Choosing the best cooling pillow not very easy. But we believe in this article you will get a clear idea how and what to choose the best cooling pillow for your own sleep style. Price can never compare your good health. Besides here we also tried to give some idea for an economy cooling pillow. You are the final decider. Happy buying for a sound, happy sleep!

Krista Wittig