How To Sleep With Neck Pain – Solution And Suggestion

Neck pain is one of the most common medical conditions among the people these days. It origins from a number of disorders and diseases among which wrong sleeping position. The pain can cause swelling, stiffening and massive aching which eventually leads to having sleepless nights. To get rid of these problems you have to know how to sleep with neck pain. Believe it or not, there are quite a few ways you can get around this sleeping problem. Here are some of them which you might find useful.

Ideal Sleeping Position With Neck Pain

Firstly, there are different type of sleepers; the ones who sleep on their backs, their sides or their stomach.

  • Unless you have a snoring problem sleeping on your back is the most ideal sleeping position. It provides the most support, allows spontaneous blood flow.
  • Sleeping on one side can provide great support and it turns out to be more comfortable for the ones who also suffer from back pain. This position is best for the ones who have single sided neck pain.
  • But when considered scientifically the third is considered unhealthy and is more likely to cause neck pain. Since the back is arched and the neck is turned to one side. It causes an obstruction of the blood flow and damages the muscle and bone structures.

So, therefore, it is best that we shift to the first two sleeping position, although such a habit does not turn up overnight. And since we do not always remain in the same position while we sleep, it’s worth giving a shot to going to bed in the healthier positions.

Finding The Right Kind Of Neck Support For Sleeping

It is often challenging to find the right type of pillow since it depends on several factors: the type of mattress, the position of the sleeper and most importantly the kind of neck pain. Here is a quick guideline on which pillow to pick.neck pain

  • Thick stacked up pillows would be best for harder surfaces.
  • Thinner pillows for softer mattresses.
  • Other than their collapsing property, feather pillows are best for neck pain as it confirms the shape of the neck and provides warmth.
  • For extra support either use a rolled up towel or a head contour under the neck. It usually helps the “lying on their back” sleepers.

Stretching Before Bed

If you want sound sleep even with your neck pain then you must take action against the pain. It can be the medication of any kind or physiotherapy. But there has to come from a professional. As the experimental gesture that might feel like relieving stress may eventually become the reason for further pain.

Since we live in the 20’s century most of our daily activities involve some poor postures like sitting in one position for hours. And such posture can tighten your neck muscles and provoke pain. Stretching will help loosen the muscles that connect the neck to the shoulder blade.

Practicing simple gestures like:

  • Rolling the neck from one side to the other both clockwise and anticlockwise for five minutes before bed may help you help loosen a lot of tension from that area.
  • Or you could also do a forward bend or try stretching your arms above your head and lean from side to side.

If practicing such routine before bed does not reduce the pain then consulting a doctor for medication would be the wisest decision.

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Say No To Social Media Before Bed

As you are lying in the bed scrolling through the internet, you are unknowingly straining several of your neck muscles and then you wake up with a terrible neck pain. Because tilting your head for browsing creates a sharp angle between your head and the rest of the body balancing on the neck. This adds extra pounds of about 60 on the neck, damaging the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

The head should be well balanced over the spine and tilt over the phone does not help much in keeping it that way. So if you find it difficult to ditch your phone completely then what you must do is to find an alternative. Reading a book or listening to soothing music before sleep would be a wise replacement. Both are well supported and does not affect the neck muscle at all.

Create The Ultimate Sleeping Condition

Cool, dark and quiet are the ideal conditions required for sleeping. Muscle relaxation is the best way to get rid of the pain but since falling asleep is not as easy as it used to be, thus this point has made its way at the bottom of the list. Sleeping for spontaneous seven or eight hours is the biggest stress reliever. To do so the environment can be set accordingly.

  • Dimming the lights
  • Comfortable bed sheets
  • Maintaining the right kind of temperature with the help of either air conditioner or heater.
  • Availability of the right kind of quilt or blanket
  • Creating a dark environment so that your body knows that it’s bedtime.

When Nothing Else Works Bring In The Heating Pad

Putting a hot water bag or a heating pad under your neck may help relax your muscle if none of the above comes to your aid. The rise of the temperature increases the blood flow in that area providing more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues and hence healing it. But make sure you don’t leave it there for more than fifteen minutes as it might result in a burn and more sleepless nights.

Heat also stimulates the sensory receptors, as a result, the transmission of the pain signals to the brain decreases. This partially lowers the level of pain.

But it is not the ideal remedy for all sorts of neck pain. This remedy is solely for the chronic soreness or stiffness of neck that occurs without any injury. Colder therapy or ice bags are more ideal in that case. This therapy is also off limits for the ones with peripheral vascular disease or diabetes. Therefore due to several restrictions and drawbacks, this is considered to be the last option.


Now you know how to sleep with neck pain. Follow the steps above for two weeks but if the problem remains then make sure you consult your doctor. That might help you regain your sleep schedule through comprehensive treatments and you might end up with a sore free neck in no time.

Krista Wittig