PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Why combine several pillows when you can have one that serve this purpose? PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is the definition of multi functionality. The pregnancy pillow is a C-Shaped design Pregnancy Pillow that gives sleep the right definition of pleasure and comfort. The pregnancy pillow can take different form to give you the right support for your back, neck, head and stomach.


This is not your first pregnancy and you are considering changing your pregnancy pillow as the first one does not match your want nor solve the problem why you bought it. I suggest you buy the PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow as it is made of quality materials and design to give you the best support you needed throughout your gestation period. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow 1The 57 x 30 x 7 dimensional size pillow comes with a full cotton cover and a polyester fiber filling. The polyester filling is to give you the best support experience for your sore back as well as align your spinal cord at the right angle and position. What more? The pregnancy pillow does not only come with a full cotton cover, the cover is removable. Thought of cleaning your pregnancy pillow? This is all but achievable with the PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow. Unlike other several pregnancy pillows, the cover is replaceable and comes in different colors such as gray, blue, pink.

Supportive To All Pregnancy Period

Different health organization have carried out several research on how much sleep is needed for optimal performance. This is even increased when you are pregnant. Different body changes both in the physical and hormonal level explain why this is necessary but a support medium to support at this period is best required. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow maker has been making all trimester period comfortable since 2013. With the PharMeDoc Full Pregnancy pillow, your first, second and third trimester period is made lot convenient.

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Design For Orthopedic Patient

PharMeDoc is a Specialist in the production of pillow that serve for health purposes. Orthopedic patient can take solace and enjoy comfort from the specially designed product of PharMeDoc. The pregnancy pillow is designed with a blueprint on total health fitness and well being. Spinal cord alignment was a factor to considered when the design of the pillow was made. You can be sure of a huge relief from fibrillation or sciatica and several other pain related challenges with your choice of PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow.

Specificity Of Sleeping Position

Several pregnancy pillows have shown to be for all sleeping positions, but what do you get? A pregnancy pillow that does not satisfactorily serve this purpose. The C-Shaped Pregnancy pillow is specifically made for side sleepers. One of the key of excellence is specificity and this is perhaps the guide to the design of the full body pregnancy pillow. Unlike other pregnancy pillows, it rightly do justice to sleep in the left position. You might perhaps be wondering why, PharMeDoc choose this design strategy. The answer is not far fetched from health and medical reasons for both the mother and the baby. The left side is particularly important to blood and nutrient circulation and transport to the placenta. The placenta connects both the mother and the baby.

PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow 2

The Pillow Is Hypoallergenic In Nature

Several pregnancy pillow exist but those who put people with allergy into consideration are few. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow comes in this category. The pregnancy pillow is made with polyester fibers to enhance breath-ability and keep you away from the side effect of allergy. Not only is the polyester fiber good for breathability, it is known for maintaining its shape throughout the night when you apply pressure. In simple terms, it is known for its strength. No side of the pillow is deformed or shifted to the other side while lying down on it.

Zippered And Removable Cover

Different versions of pregnancy pillow floods the market, but one thing is noticeable in the usage experience do those who have bought it, their is an experience of uneasiness felt when the cover is to be placed back, this is not so for PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow cover. Not only this, the cover can be replaced with new ones which can be bought at affordable price. The pregnancy pillow also has a double stitched zippered which covers a 100% cotton jersey knit which runs just beneath it. The cotton jersey knit is a good heat insulator as well as help to keep you dry. It can be stretched and ensures that your comfort is feasible.

Lifetime Warranty From The Manufacturer

When your products are of top quality, you let it speak for itself. This is perhaps true for PharMeDoc. It does not only make the products with world class quality materials, it ensures that customers are given a lifetime warranty. Although commitment is made to ensure your comfort and convenience, when this are not totally met, PharMeDoc offers a lifetime warranty against defects and the quality of material used.

What Can Be Improved

Improvements are necessary to ensure that the needs and wants of consumers are consistently met. With a team of ever responsive members, PharMeDoc still need to work on certain gray areas of its product. The pregnancy loft (5) is perhaps low for people of certain height and weight. Also while the pregnancy pillow is designed to give support throughout the trimester period, there were complains about the support it provides as the gestational age progresses. Sleepers of different position have to shift to been a side sleepers to enjoy the true relief that this pregnancy pillow provides.


When you talk of quality materials, what comes to mind is PharMeDoc. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow. The Pregnancy pillow has succeeded in creating a niche for it self aside from its use by pregnant women. Health! The pregnancy pillow is a preferred choice when it comes to health related issues, which is why I recommend it.

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