Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy period is such a period of joy and delight but it is also accompanied with discomfort and change in sleep pattern due to several factors such as expanding hip, change in body shapes and others. As important as this period is, it is also the period when you need to enjoy a well-defined sleep for the well-being of your baby. You experience pain at your back or legs but all this can be forgotten, with the use of a maternity pillow.

Did i just say a pregnancy pillow, yes, a pregnancy pillow. The pregnancy pillow provides the necessary solace during this period and you begin to enjoy a good sleep plus a support that relief you of pain during this period of joy.

Queen Rose Pregnancy pillow is one that is designed to fit this purpose. While there are several pregnancy pillows out there in the market, Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is excellent at ensuring that there is enough circulation of nutrients to the fetus as well as blood circulation throughout the body. The Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow has several unique features which makes it stand out and makes it earn my nod for pregnant women and users of other purposes

Should You Need A Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow?

The U-shaped, contoured pregnancy pillow is the ideal definition of multi functionality for both pregnant women and people who suffer from pain related diseases. The Pregnancy pillow is made with top class quality materials such as a 100% cotton cover and a bionic polyethylene material(filling) to ensure that your comfort and convenience is guaranteed. Not only this, the pregnancy pillow can take many form to guaranty your comfort. Your first, second and third trimester period will be of huge relief with the use of Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow.

You might have been considering why you should buy a Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

queen rose PREGNANCY pillow

Provide Great Sleep Comfort

During pregnancy the often complaint made is about back pains, expanding hip, growing stomach, leg issues. This perhaps seem like a universal complaint made by pregnant women as it greatly affect their sleep pattern. Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is made specially for sleep comfort. The 51 x 31.5 x 7.9 dimensional size pillow provide great support during this period. It weighs 5.5 pounds and the density can be adjusted to suit your convenience. The pregnancy pillow provides support for all sleeping positions. You are guaranteed a comfortable sleep no matter your sleeping position (back, stomach or side sleepers)

Highly Multi Functional

The pregnancy pillow is not made only for expectant women. It provides comfort for people battling with pain related sicknesses such as fibromyalgia, sciatica. People who are just recovering from surgical operations can also take solace in the soft comfort of Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow. Not only this, it serve as a good place to be on, when you desire to read your magazine or watch your desired T.V show which is why i recommend it. Nursing mothers can also conveniently give milk to their infants on the wide, dense and adjustable pillow.

Highly Versatile

You have probably read about the versatility of other pregnancy pillow, is this true about the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow also? Yes. Though the manufacturer does not specifically states the forms or different shapes the maternity pillow can take, the Pregnancy pillow can still take different form. The U-Shaped pillow can be folded, or laid flat to enjoy your reading or favorite T.V show.

Adjustable Loft And 100% Cotton Cover


Unlike other pregnancy pillows which have a relatively too high loft, Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow manufacturer has gone one step ahead to make the loft adjustable. The pregnancy pillow has a 100% zippered cotton cover and an inner cover but the extra tip of owing this superb maternity pillow is knowing that the loft can be adjusted. When the pregnancy pillow is full, the loft measures 8 inches and this can be readjusted to suit your taste. The seam of the pregnancy pillow is not too tight making it easy to take the desired shape to use. The 100% zippered Cotton Cover is to enhance breath ability. There is no experience of heat transfer when you use it, this is well taken of by the smooth and cool cotton material. There is no retention of moisture.

Another great feature about this design is the ease with which the cover can be removed and replaced. Aside this, you have a choice to choose which color you would replace it with. Since the pregnancy pillow also has inner cover, it is. Not without purpose, it is to keep the filling from been removed from the too large outer cover. Care for the pregnancy pillow is also a great feature that makes it stand out. The cover can be washed using machine. The seam of the pregnancy pillow speaks durability, it is double stitched.

It Is Highly Affordable

Not only is the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow eco-friendly, it is also pocket-friendly. Are you on a budget but still need to have a quality maternity pillow that provides value for its price? I recommend the queen rose pregnancy pillow for you. Though made with top quality materials, it is been sold at an affordable price which makes it a good choice for you.

What Could Be Improved About The Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Though a huge satisfactory feedback is gotten from its users who have given a significant pass mark for the value they get for their money. The pregnancy pillow is also not without room for improvement. Hot sleepers find the pregnancy pillow not the best fit. Plus the pregnancy pillow is perhaps too bulky not given space for movement as the gestational period progresses.


The Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is unique and worth every penny spent on it. It provides comfort throughout all gestational periods plus it serve as the right choice for people who are recovering from injury or pain related sickness, which makes it highly multi functional. Queen Rose provides a 90 days Warranty on this product which makes it get my nod.

Without an understatement, Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is the definition of creativity and simplicity but class which sets it high among it’s competitors which makes me recommend it for you. Quality value at an affordable price.

Krista Wittig